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The Final Countdown

Hey everyone!

By the time you read this post, we'll be hours away from approving the final edited manuscript of Her Journey Through My Eyes. Then we'll be sending it back to Archway for the final the design phase. It's been a long road since December but I'm proud to say that we've reached this point. As for when you'll see the book in stores and online, it shouldn't be much longer until it's available!

Where do they go from here, you may ask? (See what I did there?!) Bobby is gearing up for the marketing phase! It should begin ideally in tandem with the printing of the book. I know I've given a high-level overview of what the marketing campaign entails, but be ready for Bobby to be put on blast - interviews, articles, and even more posts! I'll be keeping the blog, the website, and his socials up to date with the latest. I'm excited to see what Archway's marketing team puts together for Bobby on their end.

I hope you're all as excited as we are! I can't wait to kick off the final phase and get one step closer to sharing Bobby & Lillian's story with the world.


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