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Robert Attenello pays tribute to his amazing wife, Lillian, in Her Journey through My Eyes.
At first blush, they may have seemed like an odd pair: She was a real estate and immigration paralegal and he was a construction worker with rough edges. But opposites attract—and they were perfect together.
They had lots of fun and enjoyed lots of romance, but their story took a tragic turn when Lillian was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctors planned to perform a double mastectomy and remove the cluster of lymph nodes affected by the cancer. But further scans revealed bad news: Lillian’s cancer had spread to her bones. Doctors, however, were still hopeful that the cancer could be treated.
Lillian put on her warrior face and steeled herself for what was to come. Some days, she barely had the strength to get out of bed or her recliner. But she always fought through those awfully long and difficult days.
Join the author as he recounts the highs and lows of his time with his loving wife of twenty-three years and the three years of support, trials, and unwavering faith during her battle with breast cancer. Whether you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or have a loved one affected by the disease, you’ll be inspired by Lillian’s courage in Her Journey through My Eyes.

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