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Reflecting on the Publishing Event

Hi everyone!

Last night was the long awaited Publishing Event for Her Journey through My Eyes at The Riverview in Weatogue. The night began with cocktails and small bites as everyone awaited the arrival of Bobby, Miriam, Karen and myself. After cocktails, the curtains lifted to reveal the dining room, guests were invited to their seats, and the ceremony began.

Forty books were raffled off by Sal and the crew as salads were served.

Then, David Baram, Bobby's longtime attorney, took to the podium to speak on Lillian's behalf. He ended his speech with A Woman of Valor, a poem from the Book of Proverbs.

Our DJ, J.R., introduced me to provide some remarks on being part of the editorial team and upcoming events where Bobby will be making an appearance. For those of you who missed those updates, here's what's on the horizon for Bobby:

  • October 6th: Book signing at the Enfield Library

  • October 23rd: Speaking at the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser

  • Into the holiday season, Bobby will be doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Enfield, and is scheduled to appear at the Author's Expo in New York.

After introducing Bobby for the first time as the author of Her Journey through My Eyes, we joined Bobby on the side of the stage to watch the slideshow as Garth Brooks' "The Dance" played in the background. Then, he took to the stage.

His speech was incredible (if you missed it, head to his Facebook or Instagram and check it out!). He began the speech by expressing immense gratitude to those who supported Lillian and him throughout her battle, told his story of how he took up writing and became the author he is today, and laid the foundation for his next two books.

It was a fantastic night! After the ceremony concluded, everyone was invited to the dance floor to dance the rest of the night away.

As the Journey family meets again to get started on Where Do They Go, as Bobby's marketing campaign continues to flourish, and as the manuscript is developed for screenplay, you can find the latest updates here on the blog, on Facebook and on Instagram.


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