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Publishing Event, Marketing, Screenplay, Oh My!

What a couple of weeks it's been! We're less than a week out from Bobby's Publishing Event, the marketing campaign has officially kicked off and the screenplay production process is getting going too!

Reviews for Her Journey through My Eyes are coming in from all angles, and not just a comment or praise, but 5-stars across the board. The Journal Inquirer is slated to publish an article on the recent release of the book soon as well - the link will be posted to Bobby's Facebook and blog as soon as the article is live on the Journal Inquirer's website.

The marketing campaign has kicked off and is going wonderfully. Bobby has a team of dedicated publicists that we work closely with to best boost the book while also keeping the integrity of the story and his marketing goals. In the coming weeks, you will see more posts on his socials, be sure to give them a like and a share!

If those updates weren't enough of a teaser, Her Journey through My Eyes is being prepared for screenplay! We received confirmation from Archway Publishing that screenplay preparation takes around four to six weeks before it is presented to production to gauge their interest in the storyline. Until then, the Journey Family is gearing up for the Publishing Event, continuing marketing and of course anticipating the next steps in the second addition to Bobby's trilogy: Where Do They Go


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