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Story to Screenplay

It's been awhile since I've taken to the blog. I hope this holiday season has been kind to all of you, and that your 2021 is even better. We have some stellar news from Archway. Talk about building momentum up to and into the new year!

After Archway's remarks about the potential for Her Journey Through My Eyes to be academy award-winning, it was only right to explore options to turn that feedback into action. This afternoon, Bobby signed on to have Her Journey Through My Eyes turned into a screenplay. Once the screenplay is complete, it'll be submitted to Archway's Hollywood partner for review and adaptation for film or television.

Her Journey Through My Eyes is also set to go through a whole suite of marketing and publicity campaigns through Archway. Have no fear, the blog will live on and I'll post regular updates that you'll only read about here.

I'm working on an email list and once it's ready, a sign-up page will be posted on all of Bobby's socials and this site.


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