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Off to a Great Start

Hello all!

I hope the new year is off to a fantastic start for everyone. Although it’s early February, I believe it’s still the season of New Year’s resolutions and in the case of meeting goals and objectives, with Her Journey Through My Eyes almost completely through editorial, and Bobby’s second book in the making, it’s been a strong start to the year for our Journey family.

As Her Journey Through My Eyes goes through the final stages of editorial, Archway Publishing is gearing up for the building portion of the publishing process. Marketing and screenplay-creation will begin in the coming weeks.

Archway Publishing has a lot in store for Bobby from the marketing and screenplay side of the equation. He will soon have a publicist and a 12-week marketing campaign as the first book is released. The publicist is key in defining tactics and strategies to make the campaign as successful and impactful as possible. Be prepared to see Bobby in interviews, read about him in newspapers and magazines.

As updates unfold, you’ll read of it here, on Facebook and on Instagram. Cheers!

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