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Meet the Author & Team!

Hello and welcome! Seeing as this is the first of many blog posts on this page, it's only right to properly introduce everyone. I'm sure you have seen the pictures of all of us on the home page, but they barely scratch the surface of what this editorial family truly is. Below you will find pictures of Bobby, Miriam, Karen and myself in our natural habitat - the dining room table! It's here where we collaborate and work hard toward preserving Lillian's legacy within "Her Journey Through My Eyes".

Our meetings start the same, we walk in and are immediately greeted by Molly & Marshall, Bobby's two perfect pups. From there, we descend on the dining room table, have a bite to eat, and talk about our days before getting to work. The atmosphere is quiet; music playing in the background, the click-clack of keyboards, and the occasional break to chuckle about something that happened the previous day - typically presented by Bobby!

On a more personal note, I can tell you all that our time together can be described with one word: family. I hope you'll continue reading these blog posts about our Journey Family, and I encourage you to check out our Instagram and Facebook pages.


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This is fantastic and looking forward to the book....and I noticed that I misspelled my last should be Dixon

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