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Hello all,

It's been some time since I've taken to the blog to update you all on the progress with publishing. Pardon our silence, we've been hard at work! Bobby's let me know that some of you have been reaching out wondering what's going on - I don't blame you. We were in the same boat a couple of weeks back with Archway, it took multiple phone calls and e-mails to get a response back from them.

That being said, last week we received the first line edit back from Archway's editorial team! It arrived just in time, I was starting to get worried about why their timeline was exceeding the six-week limit they outlined back when Bobby started working with them. They returned the edited manuscript with only a few edits and specifics for us to address. We met as a team last week, hammered out the minimal edits, and sent it back to them last night. Fingers crossed!

The next steps are to buckle up for the rollercoaster of marketing and screenplay production ahead of Bobby! Prepare to be updated more frequently as Bobby gets paired with a marketing specialist from Archway and as Her Journey Through My Eyes gets prepped as a screenplay. On a personal note, I am so excited to jumpstart this process and see where it takes Bobby and his book.

Stay tuned! As we hear from Archway, the blog & Bobby's Facebook(s) will be updated.


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