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Countdown to Send-Off

Things are coming down to the wire here at the dining room table! Our deadline to submit the complete manuscript for "Her Journey Through My Eyes" to Archway Publishing is December 12th. That's 18 days away! It feels like just yesterday we were meeting for the first time all together as a team.

Between now and December 12th, we have some fine details to tend to. From typing to editing to a full read-through, there's little to no room for error.

As you can imagine, the atmosphere has shifted a little since my last post. Of course it's still quiet, but the pace of the keyboard click-clack is a bit faster, and Bobby's a tad tense. My hope is that it goes through publishing smoothly and that the essence and soul of Lillian & Bobby's story is kept.

If anything, I'm taking this deadline as motivation to continue promoting "Her Journey Through My Eyes" and to build up momentum for Bobby's future works... which I hope you'll tune into once they come to fruition!


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