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A Note from the Author

Hello everyone!

I want to thank all of you for support. I'm super excited to have my Journey book available in the spring for all to read.

But first, on a more personal note from my heart to yours, a lot of people are in the same painful situation as me. A loss of a loved one is the most devastating, heart breaking blow that one could ever experience.

Speaking for myself, the first holiday season is the worst thing we will go through. It's lonely, sad and gut wrenching at times.

Eating is difficult, sleep is nonexistent, and tears seem to come more often than before. It's alright, it needs to happen because our hearts are broken. We're angry they're gone. We miss them.

Trust me, they're still here. They are not gone. They're with us in spirit. Sure, we can no longer hug them, feel their touch, hear their voice or smell their perfume or cologne. But they are still with us. Their spirits are housed deep in our hearts.

They guide us, give us new direction. They speak to us through our thoughts, they soothe us as we sleep, they know our every thought now more than ever. They never give up on us. They will forever be our guardian angels.

They give us soft and subtle signs. Stay open minded and aware because they're right in front of you! Spiritual guidance is a very delicate process. Life gets in the way. You need to find and connect with your internal spirit and then you will begin to realize that they are truly here.

God bless, I love you all!

Robert Attenello

A.K.A. Bobby A.

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