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Antares - Harmony Engine EVO 3.00 VST.RTAS PC .zip halemma




It was written by a team of professional singers and songwriters including Mike Pickett, Lee Vern Cotreau, Les Wallace, and Casey Childers, and features over 250 instrument samples. This plug-in replaces the included song editor of Harmony Evo with a fully integrated songwriting environment complete with both internal and external songwriting functions. The integrated song editor was praised for its advanced features, such as its new SmartDrop technology that was developed by the creators to offer the best drop in point of any on-board editing technology. Features The Harmony Engine Evo songwriter provides features similar to other modern DAWs, including automatic chord progressions, up to three-part harmony, and automatic tuning. It also allows the user to write and edit full songs that are exported to MP3, WAV, and FLAC files. When used for songwriting, the Harmony Engine Evo also offers powerful features not previously found in on-board instruments: Mix-and-match harmony The user can create a song using any combination of pre-created harmony or user-created harmony. The software includes over 250 parts, from drums to vocals and everything in between, allowing the user to fine-tune the harmony for the type of song being written. A user-created harmony can be made up of as many parts as the user wants. Instrument Assignments With the automatic harmony generators, the user can assign any of the available parts to a single instrument, allowing them to create one-of-a-kind songs with the sounds of the chosen instrument. Lyrics Like other DAW software, Harmony Engine Evo can sync lyrics with the music. It can automatically keep track of which song part goes with which lyric, and even provide the user with an audio preview to help find the right lyrics. SmartDrop Harmony Engine Evo's SmartDrop technology uses a DAW-style drop-in point to automatically place the correct notes. SmartDrop works best for songs with a standard verse/chorus form that have a clear break in the middle. If the user is using more than two harmony parts, SmartDrop can automatically place the harmonizing voices in the most sensible place for the verse and chorus. New features in Harmony Engine Evo 4 Harmony Engine Evo 4 adds new Harmony Engine Engine features to the Harmony Engine Evo 4 songwriting environment. These include: Better SmartDrop technology Improved interface and



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Antares - Harmony Engine EVO 3.00 VST.RTAS PC .zip halemma

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